• Modern Bioimaging Technology – microscale view into biological systems
13th June 2019, 0:30 – 6 pm, BBZ Seminar room
Lectures by PD Dr. Kacza und Prof. Dr. Magin and others
Practical lessons 6-10 pm at the microscopes:
Leica SP8 by PD Dr. Kacza (BCF), BCF, AG Daugschies device
LSM780 und Spinning Disk by Mr. Lutter and Mr. Steinbach (Zeiss), BCF, AG Magin devices



  • Camera course about newest CMOS technology and EMCCD
17/12 – 18/12/2018, BCF, Philipp-Rosenthal-Str. 55
Seminars about noise and signal to noise, EMCCD sensors, CMOS sensors, CMOS technology
Hands-on-session at Apotom.2 with Prime BSI, Prime 95B, IRIS9, Evolve Delta und Retiga R6
by Dr. Pasche (Photometrics)



  • Course Live Cell Imaging
07/03 – 09/03/2017, BCF, An den Tierkliniken
Seminars by Leica and Bitplane
Practical course LAS-X 3.1, imaging acquisition (Leica, Dr. Levai, Dr. Körtjen)
Practical course Imaris, imaging analysis (Bitplane, Dr. Mahlert)
Practical course, live-cell imaging at Leica SP8 by PD Dr. Kacza, BCF, AG Daugschies device



  • Course fluorescence microscopy for PhD students
28/11 – 30/11/2016, BCF, Philipp-Rosenthal-Str. 55
Seminars about standard fluorescent, clsm and high-resolution microscopy by Mr. Lutter, Mr. Simbürger (Zeiss) and PD Dr. Kacza (BCF)
Seminars about specimen fixation, dyes (Prof. Dr. Magin) and data analysis (PD Dr. Kacza)
Hands-on-sessions at LSM780-Airyscan and Apotom.2 (PD Dr. Kacza & Behr)