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macrophages & fibroblasts in a 3D collagen matrix, Zeiss AxioObserver.Z1, 3D long-term tracking [Katja Franke]

Drosophila tracheal system (Chitin green), LSM780-Airyscan, [Matthias Behr]

Drosophila ring gland (Fasciclin 2 green, Obst-A red; Nuclei blue), LSM780, Imaris-3D, [Matthias Behr]

Mutant human keratinocytes (Keratin 14 red; Desmoplakin green; Nuclei blue), LSM780-Airyscan, [Katrin Rietscher]

WT mouse epidermis (Keratin5/14 green; Keratin1/10 red; Basal lamina purple; Nuclei blue), LSM780, ZEN-3D, [Janina Bär]

Normal human keratinocytes (Keratin14 red; Desmoplakin green, Nuclei blue), LSM780-Airyscan , ZEN-3D, [Katrin Rietscher]

3D Image of a collagen matrix (TAMRA), LSM700, ZEN-3D, [Katja Franke]

Brain section, mouse, endothelial cells (Cy2, isolectin B4, green) & Astroglia (Cy3, GFAP, red) & Microglia (Cy5, Streptavidin, blue), Leica SP8, Imaris, [Johannes Kacza]