COVID-19 Rules

Dear microscope and PC user at VMF,

due to the covid 19 epidemic, the following restrictions apply to the use of microscopes and PCs at the VMF.
Only one person is allowed to work in the rooms with microscopes and PCs of the BCF at a time.
In case of planned parallel use of two devices in one room, the users must communicate beforehand, a look at the booking calendar should help to avoid conflicts of dates.
ALWAYS: Immediately after entering the room and before leaving it, disinfect hands with Sterillium.
Please inform M. Behr / SIKT or J. Kacza / VMF if the supply of sterillium is running low.

Best regards
Johannes Kacza

AG Zellbiologie devices

For BCF instruments @ SIKT:

wash your hands carefully before and after your session.