The BioImaging Core Facility:

  • advises on individual research questions, on experimental setup (sample preparation, fixation, troubleshooting), and on the selection of the appropriate technique / equipment. (team)
  • offers access to a wide range of different light microscopes: from diverse transmitted light and fluorescence microscopes, video confocal microscopes and specialized laser scanning confocal microscopes to laser controlled microdissection microscopes and atomic force microscopes. (Equipment) (Costs)
  • enables users to operate microscopes by providing customized training. (training)
  • enables the generation of a wide variety of light microscopic data. Single images (standard/high-resolution), time series, mosaic images and quantitative measurements on both fixed and living samples can be performed. (equipment)
  • enables microscopy in S1 and S2 laboratories. (Location)
  • offers individual help and courses for image analysis, evaluation and presentation of the acquired data. (software)